Welcome to my blog!

Hey everyone, my name is ST, author and editor of the Seb Says blog. I set up this blog because I wanted an opportunity to express who I am and to share my thoughts with you guys on a variety of topics close to my heart. These will include anything from Drama to dance, media, gaming and even skateboarding.

So, a bit about my background; I’m a regular guy with a lot of interests. I’m currently a drama student with ambitions to move in to the performing arts industry. A lot of my posts will be about this topic as it is something I have grown up with, (both of my parents are actors,) and I’m about to start a course in costume design in September, so watch this space.

Some of my post will be written, some will be video blogs. I like the format of video blogs as I sometimes find it easier to express myself this way, probably just the drama student in me trying to get out!


Anyway, see you next time. Bye…